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<span lang="EN-GB" style="font-size:10.5pt;font-family:" new="" roman";color:#5d5d5d;mso-ansi-language:en-gb;mso-fareast-language:="" "times="" fr"="">1. DURATION

The rent cannot be extended without the preliminary agreement of the owner or the agency, the renter accepts this.
The renter declares on the honor that he doesn’t practice or try to exercise profession in the rent and that premises being the object of the present contract are rented to him only as temporary residence, major conditions without which the present rent would not have been granted.
The property is fully furnished and equipped. The rental period commences and ceases on the dates and the times specified in the rental contract. The client will however have the opportunity of prolonging their stay in the property in the case that it has not been reserved (with the agreement of the owner or representative). The client will be charged a prorata amount for this extra stay.

The taker having paid deposit on the rent makes a commitment to take up places in the way fixed to the contract and to pay 30 days before the arrival the balance of the rent, regardless of illness, accident or unexpected events. In the case these conditions would not be filled, the representative would be entitled to re-rent immediately premises object of the present contract. However, the taker would remain held the payment of the balance of the rent If the property is re-rented then the client is only obliged to pay any losses incurred by the owner and the agency commission.

The deposit may be used to repair damage caused in the property or to the contents of the property and may under no circumstances be used to accrue interest. It will be refunded within 7 days to the client minus any reductions made for damages and replacing missing or damaged items as well as lost days of rental due to works deemed necessary for repairs caused by the client. If the cost or repairs or replacing items is greater than the deposit the client must pay the difference.
The client must return the property in the same condition of cleanliness as it was taken over. If not, a cleaning fee can be taken from the deposit.
The client must go through the inventory the day of arrival and inform the owner or representative of any anomalies between the inventory and actual contents of the property and condition. Upon departure the client must declare any damages or breakages in writing.
For this contract, both parties undersigned agree that this contract is made under the law governing the owner’s place of residence. The final costs of registering the dispute are the client’s responsibility.

The taker makes a commitment to take places rented in the state where they will be during the taking possession. Furniture and movable objects have to suffer only from the depreciation resulting from the normal use which they are intended to. Those who, at the expiration of the present convention will be missing or will have been put out of order, for a cause other than the normal wear, must be paid or replaced by the taker with the approval of the owner or his representative. This clause also applies to papers, hangings and in the building generally.
It will be held, if necessary : the value of broken or cracked objects, the price of the wash or cleaning of carpets, duvets, mattress, bedding … etc….which would have stained. The taker obliges to use furniture and objects furnishing the rental in the use for which they are intended and in the places where they are. He refrains formally to transport them out of the rental. The client is responsible for all articles broken or damaged. This includes the building and installations and appliances which have been used without due care – electrical appliances, central heating, sanitary system (e.g. blockage of WC, basins, baths). The client may not claim a reduction in rent or refund in the case of emergency repairs carried out by the owner during the rental period, or in the case of household appliances breaking down. This includes the interruption of public amenities e.g. hot/cold water, heating, electricity.
The owner cannot be held responsible for any thefts which may occur from the property.
At the risk of termination, the taker won’t have the right to sublet nor give up his rights for the present convention without the express consent of the owner or his representative. He will have to live comfortably in the rented places, and cannot, on no account, store furniture, exception made there for the linen and small objects. Places at present rented must be, on no account, occupied by a number of persons upper to that indicating to the specific arrangements, except agreement of the representative.
The taker will have to let execute, in places, the urgent works necessary for the preservation of the rented place and the elements of common equipment.
The taker is not allowed to introduce any animal in the rented place, except agreement of the agency.
The client is obliged to conform with all building regulations, notably with regards to noise levels and the use of communal areas.
For other issues which are not covered in this rental contract, standard rental terms apply. It is forbidden to put of the linen in windows and balconies.
In case the taker would re-rent the rent, with or continuously, commissions would be due to the agency during the new periods of rent, according to the fees of the agency. The taker will have to inform the agency, in the 48 hours after the beginning of the stay, of any noticed anomaly.
The taker may not claim any discount in case of malfunction or Internet - the lessor is operator dependent. Linen and towels are not included in the rental price but can be add on top on request by paying extra fees.

The lessor is obliged to give to the taker of the accommodation rented in compliance with the descriptive state, and to respect obligations resulting from the present convention.

The client is obliged to hold adequate insurance with well-known insurers for all cases of theft, fire and flooding in full knowledge that furniture, fixtures and fittings and damage to neighbouring properties must be fully insured. Justification of full insurance must be produced on demand.
By consequence, the owner divests all responsibility for recourse suffered by the client or their insurance company. The insurance proposed to the present contract is not compulsory but recommended because it holds place of insurance cancellation and multi-risks house. If you do not wish to sign it, thank you for crossing it on the contract.

Special Covid-19 cancellation conditions :
Due to the current Covid-19 situation, you should be aware that in case the official restrictions preventing to travel change after the reservation date (national or regional lockdown or border restrictions), we will offer you a full refund deducted of 50 euros of handling fee, and insurance fee if you subscribed it. 

Standart cancellation conditions :

1- More than 30 days before the arrival date : Refund of the deposit minus 50 euros of handling fees. Cancellation insurance non refunded.
2- Between 29 days and 23 days before the date of arrival : 50% of the rental price.
3- Between 22 days and 15 days before the date of arrival : 70% of the rental price.
4- Between 14 days and 8 days before the date of arrival : 85% of the rental price.

5- Less than 7 days before the day of arrival or no show : 100% of the rental price.

Under the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete information about yourself. You have the right to be forgotten at the end of a calendar year since the registration of these data. The right of access can be exercised on simple request using the coordinates indicated on this rental contract.
This is not a legal binding document : it is translated to give you an idea of the clauses.
The French version is.


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